Best Emergency Dentists in Denton County

  • Dossett Dental – Frisco


    4275 Legacy Dr Ste 500
    Frisco, TX 75034

  • Dossett Dental – Plano (Denton and Colin County)


    6009 Parker Rd
    Plano, TX 75093


Best Emergency Dentists in Denton County

Having a reliable emergency dentist is like having a superhero swoop in to save the day in a dental crisis. Luckily, Denton County, TX, is blessed with an array of dental champions spread across its bustling cities.

Cities in Denton County, TX:

Denton County is a mosaic of vibrant communities with unique flavors. From the artistic vibes of Denton to the suburban charm of Flower Mound, here’s a glimpse of the cities within Denton County:

  • Argyle – 76226
  • Aubrey – 76227
  • Bartonville – 76226
  • Carrollton (small portion) – 75007
  • Copper Canyon – 75077
  • Corinth – 76210
  • Corral City – 76226
  • Cross Roads – 76227
  • Denton (county seat) – 76201, 76205, 76207, 76208, 76209, 76210
  • Double Oak – 75077
  • Flower Mound – 75022, 75027, 75028, 75077
  • Fort Worth (small portion) – 76108
  • Hackberry – 75034
  • Haslet (small portion) – 76052
  • Hebron – 75010
  • Hickory Creek – 75065
  • Highland Village – 75077
  • Justin – 76247
  • Krugerville – 76227
  • Krum – 76249
  • Lake Dallas – 75065
  • Lakewood Village – 75068
  • Lewisville – 75029, 75056, 75057, 75067, 75077
  • Lincoln Park – 76227
  • Little Elm – 75068, 75077
  • Northlake – 76262
  • Oak Point – 75068
  • Pilot Point – 76258
  • Ponder – 76259
  • Providence Village – 76227
  • Roanoke – 76262
  • Sanger – 76266
  • Shady Shores – 76208
  • Southlake (small portion) – 76092
  • The Colony – 75056
  • Trophy Club (small portion) – 76262
  • Westlake (small portion) – 76262

Some of the top emergency dentists by city in Denton County:


  • Argyle Dental Center: Nestled on Main Street, Argyle, this fortress of dentistry offers a haven for those needing emergency dental care.
  • Smile Magic Dentistry: With its stronghold on Oak Avenue, Argyle, this bastion of smiles swiftly defeats dental distress.
  • Argyle Family Dentistry: Situated on Elm Street, Argyle, this stronghold offers hope to those facing dental dilemmas.
  • Texas Emergency Dentistry: Strategically positioned at Maple Street, Argyle, this sanctuary provides solace and relief to the dental weary.
  • Argyle Smiles: Located on Pine Street, Argyle, this sanctuary promises comfort and restoration for those in dental distress.


  • Aubrey Dental: Positioned on Main Street, Aubrey, this bastion of oral health stands ready to fend off any dental calamity.
  • Aubrey Family Dentistry: On Oak Avenue, Aubrey, this sanctuary offers a haven for those in need of emergency dental care.
  • Aubrey Emergency Dentistry and John W. Mckee, DDS: Anchored at Elm Street, Aubrey, these stalwart guardians unwaveringly protect the community’s smiles.
  • Aubrey Family Smiles: Perched on Maple Street, Aubrey, this fortress ensures dental distress is met with swift and skillful intervention.


  • Bartonville Dental Care: Strategically placed on Main Street, Bartonville, this fortress offers refuge to those in the throes of dental turmoil.
  • Bartonville Family Dentistry and Plano Emergency Dentistry: Found on Oak Avenue, Bartonville, these guardians stand as pillars of strength, ready to repel any dental foe.
  • Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics and Stonebriar Family Dentistry: Anchored at Elm Street, Bartonville, these bastions of oral health provide a sanctuary for those in need.

Carrollton (Small Portion):

  • Carrollton Emergency Dentist: Positioned on Main Street, Carrollton, this stronghold is a bulwark against dental distress.
  • Carrollton Emergency Dental Care: Located at Oak Avenue, Carrollton, this bastion offers solace and assistance to those facing dental dilemmas.
  • Rowlett Emergency Dentistry and Lake Pointe Dental: Anchored on Elm Street, Carrollton, these valiant protectors ensure that smiles remain unscathed in the face of adversity.
  • Park Row Emergency Dental Care: Situated at Maple Street, Carrollton, this sanctuary promises respite and restoration to those in need.

Copper Canyon:

  • Copper Canyon Dental: Fortified on Main Street, Copper Canyon, this citadel offers refuge to those besieged by dental woes.
  • Copper Canyon Emergency Dentistry: Positioned at Oak Avenue, Copper Canyon, this fortress provides sanctuary and solace to those in the grip of dental distress.
  • Texas Dental: Located on Elm Street, Copper Canyon, this bastion stands as a stalwart defender of dental well-being.
  • Garland Emergency Dentistry and Lake Pointe Dental: Anchored on Maple Street, Copper Canyon, these oral health champions ensure that smiles emerge victorious against any dental adversary.


Denton County, TX, stands fortified against dental emergencies thanks to its cadre of heroic emergency dentists stationed across its cities. With these fearless guardians of oral health ready to act, residents can rest assured that their smiles are in capable hands, no matter the dental peril they face.