Best Dental Insurances in Pennsylvania

When it comes to dental emergencies, quick access to quality care is essential. In Pennsylvania, residents have various options for dental insurance that prioritize emergency needs while keeping costs manageable. Here’s a guide to some of Pennsylvania’s best dental insurance options and alternative affordable options for those seeking dental care.

Top Dental Insurance Plans in Pennsylvania

Delta Dental

Delta Dental offers comprehensive dental insurance plans in Pennsylvania, including coverage for emergency dental services. Their policies often cover emergency exams, diagnostic tests, and treatments necessary to address urgent oral health issues. With a vast network of dentists, Delta Dental ensures prompt access to emergency care when needed.

United Healthcare Dental

UnitedHealthcare Dental provides flexible dental insurance options tailored to the needs of Pennsylvania residents. Their plans typically include coverage for emergency dental treatments such as extractions, root canals, and repairs for dental injuries. UnitedHealthcare Dental aims to offer policyholders peace of mind by ensuring timely access to emergency care without high out-of-pocket costs.

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Offers dental insurance plans with comprehensive coverage for emergency dental services in Pennsylvania. Their policies often include benefits such as coverage for emergency exams, X-rays, and treatments for sudden dental problems. Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield prioritizes affordability and accessibility, making emergency dental care more accessible to residents.

Aflac Dental Insurance

Aflac Dental Insurance provides supplemental dental insurance plans that can complement existing coverage in Pennsylvania. Their policies may include benefits for emergency dental treatments, offering additional financial protection during unexpected oral health emergencies. Aflac Dental Insurance aims to provide peace of mind and economic security to policyholders facing dental emergencies.

Affordable Dental Insurance Alternatives in Pennsylvania:

For patients without insurance, the following options are available:

Community Dental Clinics

Community Dental Clinics: Community dentistry clinics throughout Pennsylvania, for example, provide individuals with cheap dental care, including emergency treatments. These clinics may charge a sliding fee based on income, ensuring dental care is accessible to those in need. Examples include the Philadelphia Public Health Dental Clinic and the Allegheny County Dental Health Services.

Free and Low Cost Dental Days

Free and Low-Cost Dental Days: Many dental practices host free or low-cost dental days periodically, providing essential dental services to the community. These events often include emergency dental treatments, allowing individuals to receive care without financial barriers. Websites like the Pennsylvania Dental Association can inform about upcoming events and participating clinics.


Accessing professional dental treatment during an emergency is critical for sustaining oral health and wellness. While dental insurance plans such as Delta Dental and UnitedHealthcare Dentistry provide complete coverage, other options such as community dentistry clinics and free dental days ensure that emergency care is available to all citizens, regardless of financial circumstances. 

Prioritizing preventative dental care through frequent check-ups and oral hygiene practices is critical for avoiding emergencies and maintaining a healthy smile.



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