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Services Offered:

  • Emergency Dentist
  • Dental Implants
  • Root Canals
  • Crowns
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

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    • Monday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
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    • Sunday: closed

Emergency Dentist Portland

New patients are welcome! Our office has provided timely quality care to the Portland area for years.

Flexible hours are offered for your convenience! Most Insurance plans accepted.

Emergency patients are expected to be seen everyday and the staff is prepared to accommodate them. Since emergencies are anticipated, you will not be viewed as an unexpected disturbance, but as an opportunity to be of genuine service.

Our office is committed to providing you with high quality dentistry in a friendly and comfortable environment. Strong emphasis is placed on continual education in the most current aspects so that you receive the best care available.

Insurance Options for Emergency Dentist in Portland

The Portland Emergency Dentist accepts most insurance plans, particularly any Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurance plans. These are the insurance plans typically offered as employee benefits by companies.

Emergency Dentists for No Insurance in Portland

Many patients are distressed over the fact that they do not have dental insurance or any kind of medical insurance when they find themselves with an emergency. In this case, you will have to cover all expenses for your treatment, but the good news is that there are options availables for financing and letting you pay on a payment plan if you do not have the funds to pay for the full cost of treatment upfront. The main company providing this service today is CareCredit – you can visit the website and apply for financing in advance, and receive an instant decision based on your profile. In many cases, the personnel at the dentist’s office can also help you with your application.

Emergency Dentists for Oregon Health Plan

If you have dental insurance coverage provided under the Oregon Health Plan, then we might be able to help you. We work with with all patients under the ODS Community Dental Plan and provide them with both preventive and dental emergency care. The Oregon Dental Service (ODS) Community Dental plan provides dental coverage for Oregon’s Medicaid residents. ODS was formed in 1955 by a group of dentists who wanted to provide broader access to dental care in their community.

Common dental emergencies that can be treated by an Emergency Dentist

The first time you experience a dental emergency, it can feel as if you are the only one in the world with such misfortune, but the truth is Emergency Dentists are very used to seeing emergencies and they have realized that most emergencies usually consist of a few factors.


Emergency Extraction

An emergency extraction is, as the name suggests, when a patient’s teeth is so compromised and causing so much pain that it must be extracted. Frequently, when this happens, an infection has taken hold around the area of the tooth and the dentist must first put the patient on a treatment of antibiotics to calm down the inflammation before the dentist can perform the extraction.

Broken Crown

It is not entirely uncommon for a replacement crown to break or fall off, particularly if it has been subjected to years of neglect. A broken crown can cause intense discomfort, and can make it very difficult to eat as food will tend to get stuck in the crevices created by the broken crown. If this happens to you, you should seek dental assistance immediately.

In Summary

Should you find yourself in a dental emergency, the most important thing to do is to keep calm, do not touch or put pressure on your teeth, and call an Emergency Dentist in your area immediately. If you do not get an immediate response, make sure to leave a voicemail message. Dental offices handle many phone calls, and can sometimes not get to your call for a few minutes. Rest assured that many dental offices will return your call within a reasonable time and schedule you for an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

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