Best Dental Insurances in Florida


Dental emergencies can be painful and demand urgent care. Still, residents of Florida can find relief through accessible and affordable dental insurance options. Here are some of the best dental insurances in Florida that cater to emergency needs, ensuring that your oral health is taken care of without breaking the bank.

Top Dental Insurance Plans in Florida

MetLife Dental

MetLife Dental insurance plans in Florida offer comprehensive coverage for emergency dental services. Their policies often include benefits such as coverage for emergency exams, diagnostic tests, and necessary treatments to alleviate dental pain or address urgent oral health issues. MetLife Dental aims to provide peace of mind to policyholders, ensuring they can seek immediate care without worrying about high out-of-pocket costs.

Guardian Life Dental

Guardian Life Dental insurance plans prioritize emergency care coverage for policyholders in Florida. With Guardian, individuals can access a wide range of emergency dental services, including treatments for dental injuries, severe toothaches, and other urgent oral health needs. Guardian Life Dental is committed to providing financial protection and support during unexpected dental emergencies.

Aetna Dental

Aetna Dental insurance offers flexible options tailored to the needs of individuals in Florida, including coverage for emergency dental care. Their plans typically encompass emergency treatments such as oral surgeries, temporary fillings, and other procedures necessary to address acute dental issues. Aetna Dental emphasizes timely access to emergency care, ensuring policyholders receive prompt treatment when needed.

Cigna Dental

Cigna Dental insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage for emergency dental services to individuals in Florida. Their policies often include benefits such as coverage for emergency exams, diagnostic tests, and treatments for sudden dental problems. Cigna Dental aims to support policyholders during dental emergencies, offering financial protection and access to quality care when it matters most.

Florida Department of Children and Families Medicaid

As a federal and state-funded program, it provides essential healthcare services, including dental care, to eligible low-income individuals and families. In Florida, Medicaid covers dental services for children and some adults, offering comprehensive coverage for emergency treatments at minimal or no cost. You can find eligibility criteria and application processes on the website or by contacting local Medicaid offices.

Dentists without insurance in Florida

If you are interested in low cost options for dental services in Florida if you have no insurance coverage, consider the following options:

Dental Schools and Institutes

Dental schools and institutes often offer low-cost dental care administered by students under the supervision of experienced practitioners. Institutions like the University of Florida College of Dentistry provide affordable dental services to the public, including emergency treatments. While treatment may take longer due to the educational setting, it offers quality care at reduced rates, making it an excellent option for emergency dental needs.

Community Health Centers

Community health centers across Florida are dedicated to providing residents affordable healthcare services, including dental care, regardless of their ability to pay. These centers may operate on a sliding fee scale based on income, ensuring dental care is accessible to those in need. Notable community health centers in Florida include the Florida Community Health Centers and the Community Health of South Florida.

HMO vs. PPO Insurances

The majority of insurance plans we have recommended here will have both HMO and PPO options (see explanation here). In most cases; however, we recommend that you choose a PPO plan, as this will give you greater flexibility as to which providers you will be able to see while still being in network with your insurance plan.


When faced with a dental emergency in Florida, rest assured that there are affordable and accessible options available to address your needs. Government programs like Medicaid offer comprehensive coverage for eligible residents; though you may be limited in terms of providers you will be able to select. At the same time, dental schools, community health centers, and universities provide quality care at reduced costs. Additionally, online directories ensure rapid access to emergency dental services, allowing individuals to receive timely treatment without financial strain. At the end of the day, a PPO plan will provide you the best flexibility for finding a provider that will suit your needs.


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