Best Dental Insurances in North Carolina

In North Carolina, residents have various options to ensure they receive the care they need without financial strain. Here’s a guide to some of the best dental insurance choices and alternative affordable options available in the state:

Traditional Dental Insurance Plans

UnitedHealthcare Dental

UnitedHealthcare offers a range of dental insurance plans customized to the needs of individuals and families in North Carolina. Their plans typically include coverage for preventive, primary, and major dental services, including emergency care. UnitedHealthcare Dental aims to provide comprehensive coverage and accessibility to dental care across the state.

Ameritas Dental Insurance

Ameritas Dental offers flexible dental insurance options with coverage for emergency dental services in North Carolina. Their plans may include benefits such as coverage for emergency exams, fillings, and other necessary treatments. 

MetLife Dental Insurance

MetLife Dental insurance plans prioritize emergency care coverage for policyholders in North Carolina. With MetLife, individuals can access various emergency dental services, including treatments for dental injuries, severe toothaches, and other urgent oral health needs. MetLife Dental is committed to providing financial protection and support during unexpected dental emergencies.

Delta Dental of North Carolina

Delta Dental is a leading dental insurance provider known for its extensive network of dentists and comprehensive coverage. Their plans often include benefits for emergency dental services, ensuring that policyholders can receive timely care when needed. Delta Dental of North Carolina aims to promote oral health and provide financial security to its members.

Affordable Alternatives

North Carolina Health Choice (NCHC)

NCHC is a state-funded program that provides dental coverage to eligible children in North Carolina. The program covers essential dental services, including preventive care, restorative procedures, and emergency treatments. NCHC aims to ensure children can access necessary dental care to maintain oral health.

Discount Dental Plans

These plans offer significant savings on dental care, including emergency services. Plans like the Cigna Dental Savings plan and the network provide discounted rates on dental procedures at participating providers, ensuring affordable access to emergency treatments.

Community Health Centers

Across North Carolina, community health centers are dedicated to providing residents with affordable healthcare services, including dental care. These centers may operate on a sliding fee scale based on income, ensuring dental care is accessible to those in need.

Free and Low-Cost Clinics

Nonprofit organizations and local universities in North Carolina offer free or low-cost dental assistance programs to community members in need. Programs like the North Carolina Missions of Mercy events provide free dental care to underserved populations.


In conclusion, prioritizing dental health is essential, and having access to quality care during emergencies is crucial. Whether through traditional insurance plans or affordable alternatives, residents of North Carolina have options to ensure they can receive prompt and affordable dental care when they need it most.


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