New Resource for Helping Patients in Need Find Dentists

Prospective Patients Can Now Easily Contact Emergency Dentists Near Them

Most people know what to do in the event of a medical emergency, but what about if they are suffering from a dental emergency? Should they go to the emergency room? How can they pay for the treatment? What options are available locally to them? These are the questions that somebody suffering from a dental emergency will likely have, and EmergencyDentistClinics is a new resource that seeks to provide answers to all those questions and more.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency arises when a condition with your teeth is present that requires immediate medical attention. Common dental emergencies include a broken crown, a filling that falls out, a tooth that chips or breaks due to an accident, and excrutiating pain in the mouth that could require a tooth extraction.

Should patients go to the emergency room if they are having a dental emergency?

In most cases, the answer is no, patients should not go to the emergency room if they are having a dental emergency. The one exception to this is if they cannot find an emergency dentist available and they are suffering from excrutiating pain. In this case they can go to the emergency room and receive some pain medication and possibly some antibiotics in case of an infection, which in many cases is the source of the dental pain. It is important to note; however, that the emergency room won’t have any dentists on staff, and the medical staff will likely discharge you once they have managed your immediate pain with a recommendation for you to see a dentist as soon as possible.

How EmergencyDentistClinics can help

Since the emergency room is not a viable option for resolving dental emergencies, and the options for finding an emergency dentist near you vary significantly depending on where you are in the country, having a reliable directory available like the one offered by EmergencyDentistClinics can help make the process of finding an emergency dentist near you a much simpler task. Their directory consists of independent dental clinics all across the country that regularly provide emergency dental services. These practices have been verified by the team at EmergencyDentistClinics to be actively scheduling emergencies for same day appointments, so you can be assured that when you call the staff will not be surprised by your emergency, and will likely be able to provide helpful guidance in the event that they are not able to schedule you for a same day appointment.

Payment options for Dental Emergencies

Prospective patients should first check with their dental insurance to see if it has any coverage for dental emergencies. In the event that the patient does not have dental insurance, then most offices will take credit card payments, and many also partner with third party financing providers such as CareCredit to allow the patient to pay over time. Some offices also offer in-house financing and payment plans, often with no interest. Patients should inquire about payment options when calling to schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist.

Tailwinds on the Horizon

Emergency patients can expect to have a smoother and more caring experience in the future. Not only are tools like EmergencyDentistClinics providing patients the resources they need to make informed decisions, but soon patients will have more financial tools at their disposal to be able to afford the services they need.